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UV Light Installation

UV light installation

#1 UV Light Installation and Air Purification Systems in Boston, MA and Surrounding Areas

Did you know that the air inside your home is typically more polluted than the air outside? This is due to several factors, including pet dander, chemical products, gases emitted from manufactured materials, and allergens brought in from the outdoors. Because your home is sealed to promote energy efficiency in heating and cooling, it limits the amount of ventilation. Without a place to go, airborne pollutants linger in the air and affect the health of you and your loved ones. At Back Bay Mechanical, we understand that indoor air quality is extremely important. That’s why we install UV light and air purification systems, ensuring that the residents of Boston, MA, and beyond reap the benefits of fresh, clean air in their homes. 

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How Do UV Lights Work?

UV light air purifiers, also called UV lights or UV germicidal lamps, work much differently than other air purifiers. Traditional air purifiers use a HEPA filter, which traps contaminants as air moves through your HVAC system, removing them from the air and storing them in the filter until it is replaced. While this is a very effective way to clean the air, UV lights take purification even further.  

UV air purifiers emit UV-C light, immediately killing airborne biological contaminants as they circulate in the air. UV-C light is a short wavelength that won’t damage human tissue but is extremely effective at killing airborne bacteria, mold spores, and even live viruses. At Back Bay Mechanical, we place UV air purifier lamps into your home’s ductwork, where they neutralize any contaminants as the air passes through your HVAC system. This process is a filter-free way to eliminate microbial growth and is an air filtration method used extensively in laboratories and hospitals. An added benefit is the longevity of the UV lamps, which are easy to replace when necessary.    

What Are the Benefits of UV Lighting?

Installing UV air-sanitizing lights offers several health benefits for your family, including the following:

Better protection during flu season

Because the germicidal properties of UV light air purifiers kill viral particles spread by coughing or sneezing, illness is less likely to spread throughout your home.

Fewer allergy symptoms

UV lamps neutralize allergens and prevent them from causing uncomfortable symptoms.

Destroy VOCs

Many household products, from cleaning chemicals to floor coverings, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These toxic gases often cause long- and short-term health issues, so eradicating them is essential. UV air purifiers eliminate those gases, further protecting your health.

For professional, knowledgeable UV light installation, let Back Bay Mechanical handle all your UV air purification needs. 

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Living just 17 miles from the busy city of Boston, the residents of Boston, MA, know that air pollution, both indoors and out, is something to take seriously. At Back Bay Mechanical, our goal is to ensure that every resident of Boston is as healthy as possible, and our UV-C light air purifiers provide an excellent place to start. Call us today at 617-901-5068 to schedule an appointment for our air quality services. One of our experienced technicians will test your home’s air quality and recommend solutions for improving the air you and your family breathe daily. 

Our commitment to customer service means you’ll receive the best product quality and services whenever you need them, so contact us today. Let Back Bay Mechanical help you eliminate airborne pollutants through UV light installation by one of our qualified professionals, leaving your home safer and cleaner than when we arrived.

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