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Back Bay Mechanical is a growing company in the Greater Boston Area providing essential heater and furnace repair services. We have an established reputation for quality work, outstanding customer service, and attractive prices. If you need furnace repair in Boston, MA, we look forward to hearing from you.

Are you unsure whether your furnace needs servicing? Has your furnace become inconsistent, quirky, noisy, or inefficient?

Catching your furnace problems early helps you prevent them from becoming worse and more expensive issues. Proactive furnace maintenance and repair can save you money on emergency repair and, in some cases, extensive property damage and health risks to you and your family.

Learn more about what our highly skilled heating repair technicians at Back Bay Mechanical can do for you. We are a licensed and insured company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We service water heaters, heat pumps, and boilers, along with all the major furnace brands.

Furnace Repair by Back Bay Mechanical in Boston, MA
Furnace Repair Service in Boston, MA

Furnace Repair Services

When you call us for furnace repair service at Boston, MA, our Back Bay Mechanical team will evaluate every component of your furnace. We can identify any signs of damage, corrosion, faulty installation, or wear that could cause your furnace to fail or become a safety hazard. Our dedicated furnace repair technicians will carefully review the status of your heating system with you and highlight maintenance issues.

Unlike some contractors, we won’t push you into signing up for costly repairs or buying an entirely new furnace. We’ll outline your maintenance, repair, and replacement options in everyday language and give you the time and information to make the decision that works for you.

Parts of the Heating System That Need Servicing

Furnaces, heat pumps, and water heaters are complex machines that depend on the reliable and coordinated action of many parts. HVAC systems combine heating, cooling, and ventilation into a single climate control system.

Fixing or replacing one faulty component might not be enough to solve your furnace woes because one problem can often trigger further issues. A responsible heating and furnace repair technician should not be content with quick-fix solutions. They should be vigilant and on the lookout for potential problems wherever they arise.

The Air Filter

The air filter allows your heating system to deliver high-quality warm air to the rooms of your house on cold days. A dirty air filter makes your heating system less efficient and stresses parts of the system, such as the blower motor. We'll change your air filter and show you how to replace it yourself between scheduled maintenance visits.

The Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber contains a precisely calibrated mix of fuel and air for efficient heating. If your combustion chamber has a dirty igniter, rust, a faulty gas valve, or an inadequate air supply, it will not work well. The expert furnace repair specialists at Back Bay Mechanical can give your combustion chamber a full overhaul and save you the cost of repair.

The Burners and Pilot Light

Your burners and pilot light need to be clean in order to ignite fuel efficiently and generate consistent heat. If your burners and pilot light do not produce a steady blue flame, it could be a sign that they need cleaning. The maintenance plans from Back Bay Mechanical include care for these crucial components.

The Ductwork

Is the air from your heating vents foul-smelling? Is the flow of air weak or inconsistent? Our HVAC experts can thoroughly clean your ductwork and check it for leaks.

The Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger allows heat from the furnace to spread to your ductwork without letting toxic flue gases contaminate the air in your home. Our Back Bay Mechanical repair technicians will make sure your heat exchanger gets enough airflow and does not have any dangerous leaks.

The Thermostat

A faulty or miscalibrated thermostat can cause your furnace to short cycle or fail to keep your home warm. Fortunately, we have the skill to diagnose and repair problems with your furnace's control system and thermostat. Even if you don't have a furnace, our highly skilled technicians can fix other parts of your heating system.

Heat Pump Repair Service

Heat pumps are a newer technology than furnaces. They work like air conditioners in reverse, using refrigerant to move heat from the outside air into your home on cold days.

Some furnace repair technicians are unfamiliar with heat pump technology and can make mistakes when trying to repair a faulty heat pump. However, our team at Back Bay Mechanical has the expertise to keep your heat pump running.

Water Heater Repair Service

A trusty water heater is an essential part of any modern home and a godsend in cold weather. However, malfunctioning or damaged water heaters can release toxic fumes, leak water, and be at risk for fires and explosions. Thorough inspection and repair service from our team of furnace repair technicians can give you and your family reliable hot water and peace of mind.

Water Heater Repair in Boston, MA
Furnace Repair Near Me in Boston, MA

FAQs Regarding Heating Repair

Our customers usually have a lot of questions for us, and we gladly take the time to answer them. Below are a few of the more common furnace repair questions we receive.

The cost of heating system repairs can vary considerably depending on the extent and complexity of the necessary repairs. Sometimes, for older furnaces, a furnace replacement and upgrade is the most economical option. If you worry about being able to afford heating repair, talk to a Back Bay Mechanical furnace repair technician about discount pricing and financing options.

Dirty filters prevent the air from circulating efficiently through the entire heating system. It can make the furnace cycle on and off abnormally and prevent the heat exchanger from warming the air that goes into the rooms of your home.

If you need an exceptional furnace company in Boston, MA, call us at Back Bay Mechanical. We have the qualities that you need in a furnace repair company, including:

  • Attentive and knowledgeable customer service.
  • A consistent record of customer satisfaction.
  • No consumer complaints at the Better Business Bureau.
  • Promotional pricing for maintenance service agreements.
  • A dedicated team of professional furnace repair technicians.
  • The latest furnace replacement parts, tools, and equipment.

Quality Heater Servicing from Back Bay Mechanical

Our highly-trained staff at Back Bay Mechanical always puts your safety and comfort first. We would rather empower our customers in Boston, MA, to take the best care of their heating systems, even if it means we don’t visit you for repair calls as frequently. We trust that a satisfied customer will be more likely to trust us with regular maintenance and refer their friends and family to us for their heating and cooling needs.

When you need the best furnace repair in the Greater Boston Area, call Back Bay Mechanical at 617-901-5068. Take charge of your home heating by setting up a schedule of routine maintenance and prompt repair of all your heating issues. Ask us about heat pump and water heater repair.

Top-Rated Furnace Repair Near Me in Boston, MA

When you’re in search of top-quality furnace repair near me in Boston, MA, look no further than Back Bay Mechanical.  We are the #1 choice for expert furnace repair services in the Greater Boston Area. We take pride in our reputation for delivering quality work, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices. If your furnace is showing signs of inconsistency, noise, or inefficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us. Timely furnace maintenance and repair can save you from the inconvenience of costly emergency repairs, property damage, and potential health risks to your family.

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