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During the freezing winters here in Boston, MA, adequate heating is extremely important. For all of your boiler repair needs, including emergency boiler repair, trust the team at Back Bay Mechanical to get your boiler running as quickly as possible. Our skilled technicians provide top-quality service, troubleshooting, and solutions for all boiler-related issues.

Searching for “boiler repair near me”? Well, look no further. Our professional HVAC team will get your home warm and comfortable in no time. Contact us today at 617-901-5068 to learn more.

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How Do Boilers Work?

There are three types of boilers: gas, oil, and electric. Each type provides heat using fuel to heat water, then circulating the hot water or steam throughout pipes in the home to provide radiant heating. 

Gas boilers are the most common and economical option, and they use an electric starter or pilot light to produce heat. More expensive than gas, oil boilers use oil within the combustion chamber to provide heating. Electric boilers are the costliest type of boiler, and they are an option when natural gas is not available.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair Service in Boston

Whether you have a gas, oil, or electric boiler, ignoring potential issues can lead to greater damage down the road. In most cases, you’ll notice some signs that your boiler needs repair before it breaks down completely, giving you a chance to call us for immediate boiler repair. Here are the most common indicators of a malfunctioning boiler:


Any oil or water coming from your boiler is a major issue. It may indicate a burst boiler tank or an oil leak, and we recommend professional assistance. Call us immediately if your boiler is leaking.

Loud Noises

Loud clanging or banging noises are a clear sign of a problem with your boiler. Usually, noises indicate a faulty heater pump, heat exchanger, or blockage, all of which require professional repair.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If your home seems to have trouble reaching the ideal temperature, or if rooms vary greatly in temperatures even after you adjust the thermostat, you may need boiler heater repair.

Foul Odors

Any kind of foul or metallic odors are cause for concern, so it’s best to address them quickly. They can indicate a carbon monoxide or gas leak, which is extremely dangerous. Our HVAC technicians from Back Bay Mechanical can help assess the situation immediately, determine a cause, and get the repair or replacement underway.

Turning Off and On

If your boiler turns off and on randomly, or if it stops heating when turned on, call us right away to find the source of the trouble. Power issues are a good indication your boiler needs repair.

Not Heating Efficiently

If your boiler no longer heats the home as efficiently or quickly as it used to, or if there are delays in heating, you may have issues with your pipes.

You should also keep your boiler’s age in mind when it comes to breakdowns and repairs; constant repairs become costly, and it may be cheaper to replace your boiler with a new, efficient system. 

Not sure if you need to repair or replace your boiler? Contact Back Bay Mechanical at 617-901-5068 to learn about your options for all of your boiler servicing needs.

Our Boston Boiler Maintenance Services

Your indoor comfort depends on your boiler heating system, so have it checked at least once every year to make sure all parts are running well and safely. Maintenance and boiler repair goes a long way in helping a boiler function at its best for as long as possible. Regular maintenance can target any issues before they come up unexpectedly and help ensure energy efficiency from your unit.

When we arrive for your routine boiler maintenance safety inspection, we’ll perform this maintenance checklist:

You can count on our team at Back Bay Mechanical to help with your yearly boiler heater maintenance needs. We offer thorough inspections along with any suggested repairs to keep your system in the best working condition. Our aim is to make sure your boiler operates safely and efficiently. Contact us to learn more or schedule your service in the Boston, MA, area.

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Boiler Repair vs. Replacement

Boilers generally last for about 15 years, and after that point, it may be best to replace the system instead of pour money into constant repairs. Repair is ideal for extending the lifespan of a boiler, but if it fully breaks down and won’t work, replacement is usually the better option.

In some cases, a repair can help a system continue operating, but compared to the cost of ongoing repairs, replacing an older system is more economical. Additionally, a new boiler will typically provide better efficiency, which adds to the cost savings.

Choose Back Bay Mechanical for Boiler Repair in Boston, MA and Surrounding Areas

While there are many boiler repair companies out there, for all of your boiler repair needs in Boston, MA, Back Bay Mechanical has you covered. We offer full-service boiler repair, maintenance, and replacement, as well as emergency services. We offer transparent pricing, so there are no unexpected costs. We can help provide any information you need to make the best decisions for your home and boiler heater system.

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Our goal is to keep your home comfortable, warm, and energy efficient. Give us a call at 617-901-5068 today to schedule service, boiler repair, or a boiler replacement estimate in Boston, MA.

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