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Boston, MA, homeowners need reliable air conditioning solutions to meet their indoor comfort needs. Central air is an effective option for providing cool air in every room. When you want to enjoy comfortable temperatures and even cooling throughout your home, it’s essential to install an energy-efficient and high-quality cooling unit like the Unico system.

If you’re looking for expert Unico AC installation, look no further than Back Bay Mechanical. As Boston, MA, leader in HVAC installations, we understand your needs for a worthwhile installer. We bring the right knowledge and skill to every job, no matter its size.

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AC Installation by Back Bay Mechanical in Boston MA
AC Installation Service in Boston MA

What Is the Unico AC System?

The Unico AC System is a highly powerful HVAC system. Its high-performance mechanics and small size make it perfect for cooling any space. Multiple configurations mean you get the setup you need.

At Back Bay Mechanical, we understand the downsides of traditional HVAC cooling systems. A Unico AC installation spares you from the loud noises and costly installations associated with other units. Ask our team more about the Unico System to find out if it’s right for you.

Benefits of a Boston, MA, Unico AC Installation

Boston, MA, residents can take advantage of many benefits with a Unico AC installation. As a new, innovative way to enjoy cool air, the Unico System is quickly becoming a leading choice. We recommend a Unico AC unit for its:

With a Unico AC installation, you can save money, as your powerful HVAC system won’t have to run as frequently. Your air will also be fresher and cleaner, and you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round.

Boston, MA, Unico Installation Cost

Since the Unico AC System is a high-velocity unit, costs are more expensive than traditional AC units. At Back Bay Mechanical, we price each installation according to complexity, home type, and current equipment costs.

The average Unico installation cost is between $25,000 and $30,000. This number increases with your home’s size, difficulty in installing your unit, the equipment you need, and tubing options.

Although the cost is a downside compared to traditional units, you can make back your money with such excellent cooling performance. You’ll save significantly more with a Unico unit cooling your home. Meanwhile, traditional HVAC unit installations come with additional costs.

AC Company in Boston Ma
AC Installation Company in Boston MA

Finding Unico Installers Near Me

You should choose the hi-velocity AC system installers from Back Bay Mechanical in Boston, MA, for many reasons. Our extensive expertise means we have everything necessary for a smooth installation with few future problems.

Our team also offers the following advantages:

At Back Bay Mechanical, we treat our customers like family. We understand the cost and inconvenience of a new HVAC cooling system unit installation. You’ll get honest service at prices you can afford that take the stress out of your Unico AC installation.

Do you need a high-performance cooling unit for your home or business? Look no further than Back Bay Mechanical in Boston, MA, when you need a reliable, efficient cooling system installation. Contact us today for more information on a professional Unico AC installation today at 617-901-5068.

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